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Improving Battery Life Of Android Phones

Android based Smartphones are known for sucking your device’s battery within a short time span. Sometimes it feels very irritating when you make an important call and your phone get switched off. Now to overcome these issues I am trying to show you some basic tips to improve the battery life of your Android device. [click to continue…]


Do I Really Need An SEO Consultant?

Imagine waking up one morning and realizing 80% of your websites traffic had vanished overnight…for good!

This exact phenomenon has happened to thousands of business owners during each of the last two software updates by Google. [click to continue…]

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Want a Faster, More Reliable Computer?

If you’re an avid gamer, techno freak just enjoy watching full season marathons on Netflix, you run the risk of overheating your computer.

When computers overheat, they can become unstable, randomly shut down or even begin to physically damage critical hardware components. [click to continue…]


Sites can be complimented with tools to increase their effectiveness in drawing in more traffic. There are many choices to consider, but when it comes to providing customer service, a chatting tool can do a terrific job of doing so. They can easily be used by the viewers to communicate with the site management and talk about the site or a product they want to buy. Chatting tools vary but if one were to stand out from the rest, it would be Chatwing. [click to continue…]

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Building a Secure Wi-Fi Network

With Internet crime on the rise, building a secure business Wi-Fi network can be a real challenge. It’s imperative that business owners take into account the best measures for safeguarding data, employees and business interests. [click to continue…]


Troubleshooting Computer RAM Memory

Computer memory problems are generally caused by defective memory chips, wrongly installed memory chips and wrong configuration of memory chips. You will also find that when you have installed some new software on your computer system, your memory may give some problems. [click to continue…]


Drivers For Your PC & Laptop

Getting drivers for your laptop and Pc becomes a hectic task once you lost your drivers CD. I have compiled a list of important PC & Laptop Manufacturers where you can get drivers for your PC and Laptop. [click to continue…]


My Three Favorite Bloggers

Every blogger out there is a source of inspiration for each other and many of them have revolutionized the way we use to blog. I want to share three such bloggers who revolutionized every aspect of blogging, be it quality content writing, copyrighting, generating traffic and earning money online, they have excelled in every area of their blog. [click to continue…]


How To Earn Big Money From Your Blog

There are plenty of bloggers out there and many new blog emerges on daily basis. I thoroughly analyzed many of them and one thing that I came to know is that all these blogs have a common goal i.e. “to earn money online”. My blog also is not an exception to that; I am here to make it big someday. [click to continue…]


Post Panda & Penguin Link Building Tips

We are now in post Panda and Penguin era where survival will not be easy. One of the most important elements of SEO that has been affected badly is link building. Now you can’t just rely on directory submissions, social bookmarking and link exchange. All these activities have been demolished badly by recent Google Updates.
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