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What Is CrowdSourcing ?

You and I are always involved in some kind of work where we have to participate with lots of other people to get some work done whether online or offline. We are always a part of this term “Crowdsourcing” knowingly or unknowingly.

I will explain this term in context with Internet. Have you ever given a thought that what’s the power behind Wikipedia that has made it the most famous and trustworthy online encyclopedia, yes It is Crowdsourcing that ensures that we get most updated content on daily basis. There are thousands of editors and common people who are working for Wikipedia making it the most trustable source of information.

You can say that Crowdsourcing is a key that unlocks the opportunities of people with a common aim, be it on internet, your office, your community or your home, it is always there. But here in this article we will discuss about Crowdsourcing in Context with Internet.

I will give you a good example of Crowdsourcing initiative taken by Indian Government where in order to give Rupee a proper symbol it announced a contest to create a sign for the Indian Rupee. The results were announced in July 2010. You can now see the symbol  in currency notes and coins. Now you can judge the power of Crowdsourcing.

Recently you have seen or even participated against SOPA and PIPA. Many big websites asked visitors to participate in it and even these sites went down for one day. That’s what Crowdsourcing can do. Now many websites are taking this concept and developing websites where people are buying collectively and getting huge discounts on various products. This new concept is called “Group Buying” which is inspired directly or indirectly by Crowdsourcing.

Now in order to be called as a good Crowdsourcing Force we have to be matured enough to know what’s wrong and what’s right. There have been various instances where it turned out to be totally opposite, ended up doing more harm than any good. We have to find out some ways where we can create a balance between what we can and what we can’t do openly on Internet.

Hope your liked the article. What’s your take on Crowdsourcing ?

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  • Mahavir July 4, 2012, 7:01 am

    I think Crowdsourcing will help large organizations to resolve major issues in a better way.

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