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Using Google Wonder Wheel for Choosing Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most crucial parameter of any search engine marketing campaign. There are several tools available where you can research for keywords.  But have you ever thought of Google’s wonder wheel for searching your best keywords. Here I am providing you a short method to use wonder wheel for choosing your best and potential keywords.

Where is wonder wheel located?

Search for any keyword in Google and when results are displayed you will find the wonder wheel in left column under all results category.

How to Find Keywords Using Wonder Wheel

For using wonder wheel just enter any search term or keyword in Google search. I will start with a keyword “web development”. Now after hitting the search button and when results are being displayed just click on the wonder wheel link and you will find that wonder wheel has divided the keyword into eight related keywords type.

Now you got eight variations of your main keyword which will certainly helps you in finding out and targeting the keywords for your webpage or website. You can even go into deeper analysis of the eight keywords which are displayed. Click on any keyword from the eight and you will again get a wonder wheel displaying another sets of keywords.

Let’s click on the keyword “web development services” and you will see the following results.

From these examples you can see how this tool can help you in finding the best keywords for your website. Please use this method for choosing your keywords and share your experience with me.

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