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Understanding Cloud Hosting

You have already come across the terms like shared hosting and dedicated hosting but cloud hosting is the latest and hottest term in web hosting arena. Cloud hosting has changed the way applications and users interact with each other.

Difference between single Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Shared hosting and dedicated hosting has been there from quite a time. If one machine is serving multiple websites then it’s basically a shared hosting and it’s a cheap way to get started with a website. In dedicated hosting one machine will serve only one website. In these two types of hosting you can’t go beyond a single machine. In order to bypass this problem Cloud Hosting came into existence where instead of having a single machine serving a single website, you have different computers serving different websites.

Cloud Hosting: One website, Many Instances

In cloud hosting a website could be running on any number of servers at a given time. It’s basically used to balance the load on your website i.e. other instances of your website could be launched to ease the burden. Cloud hosting ensures that no server is overloaded and the end user can easily access the website without any downtime.

How Cloud Hosting Works

Suppose a user types an address of a website in his browser. At this particular point of time there is no way to find where the website is hosted. As you know in Cloud hosting a single website can be hosted on many different machines so tracing the IP is of no use.

After some time as users are kept on increasing on website multiple instances of the website are created across multiple servers which are connected through the cloud hosting setup. Load balancing is most important aspect of Cloud hosting setup and that’s the reason why Cloud hosting came into existence i.e. to ensure that the end user can continue accessing the website transparently.

Cloud Computing Explained

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  • Manoj February 29, 2012, 6:03 am

    a very good introduction to cloud hosting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mahavir March 1, 2012, 2:51 pm

      Thanks Manoj

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