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Need For Speed Shift Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks

Need for speed shift is arguably the best car racing game of the long running franchise Need For Speed. Need for speed shift has a full damage model which makes driving smart along with that it has Driver Profile which keeps track of every race and assigns point for aggressive or precision driving.

The most important part is the design and the driving experience which is absolutely incomparable. It will make you feel that you are actually sitting in the car and enjoying every bit of it. The speed and sound are remarkable and each component is built to give a boost to your adrenaline. Without some great tracks you will not experience the perfect driving and this what Need For Speed Shift has it for you the perfectly blended surroundings with some fascinating racing tracks.

Why people love NFS Shift:

  • Great Presentation
  • Easy To Play
  • Feels Realistic Yet Has Arcade Feel To it
  • Beautiful Detailed Interiors
  • Dynamic Crash Effect system
  • More than 70 Cars
  • Cockpit View is Awesome

The game is setup with variety of challenges, races, time trials and drifting competitions. Along with that you also earn money on races and your racing points which ultimately helps you to unlock different other cars. Developers of this game has given a lot of room to drivers and you can enjoy this game in different ways. You can adjust your game settings which will give you more realistic feeling of playing this game.

Some Need For Speed Shift Tips And Guide

1. Apply Brake Late: If you really want to get ahead of your competitors you should apply the brake late as soon as you hit some curve as it will gives you ample of time to overcome the curve.

2. Don’t Slide Too Fast: If you try to slide your car too fast chances are that you will be blown up in fraction of seconds and out of the race.

3. Use Drifting With Care: Drift is a great trick which can helps you to overcome the curve all at once. But always remember that your timing should be accurate otherwise you will hit the boundaries and eventually lags behind.

4. Clean Overtakes: When you really want to beat your competitors you can do some overtakes but make sure you take do them clean i.e without hitting other cars otherwise you will lag behind.

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