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My Three Favorite Bloggers

Every blogger out there is a source of inspiration for each other and many of them have revolutionized the way we use to blog. I want to share three such bloggers who revolutionized every aspect of blogging, be it quality content writing, copyrighting, generating traffic and earning money online, they have excelled in every area of their blog.

My First Favorite Blogger is Pat from Smartpassive Income

To be honest, I started this blog because of Pat and he is the main source of inspiration behind my blog. I was searching for best online income ideas and landed in Pat’s Blog. I got a plethora of information about generating income online along with some quality marketing tools and tutorials.

Pat’s story really motivated me to start a blog of my own so that I can have some passive income coming my way. I have read many great articles written by Pat on generating income online and I am trying my best to implement all those ideas on my blog.

Pat is very transparent guy and he is like a book lying in front of you, just pickup and grasp as much as possible. His dedication and hardwork has made him popular among thousands of bloggers and he will be a motivating factor for thousands more coming in future.

Here are my favorite Posts from Smartpassive Income

My Second Favorite Blogger is Brian from Copyblogger

Brian is one of the best online Marketer and his blog is a source of knowledge to many bloggers. I got some best ideas on writing content from Copyblogger and whatever I have written till now is because of Copyblogger. You will find out great posts by some of the best guest writers on Copyblogger.

I like the quality of content written by the authors and the presentation which really helped me in grasping the overall idea behind each post. I think Copyblogger is one of the best blog for upcoming bloggers who really want to get more from their blogs.

Writing content in a better way and in a way that can connect your blog with your readers is what Copyblogger is all about.

Here are my favorite Posts from Copyblogger

My Third Favorite Blogger is Corbett Barr from Think Traffic

Corbett Barr is one of the best Online Traffic Mechanic who can quickly come up with some great traffic generating ideas. I have learned a lot from his blog that has helped me in getting some traffic for my blog. I always take some lessons from his blog in order to start traffic campaign for my blog.

He writes some great stuff on his blog that generates quality traffic for him. One of the best aspects of his blog is sharing of “Monthly Traffic Report” of his blog and this really helps me in finding out the weak areas of my own blog.

Building traffic in a better way is dream of every blogger and I think there is no other blog than Think Traffic where you can find great ideas on building traffic.

Here are my favorite Posts from Think Traffic

Hope you like my post. Please share your favorite blogger with me in comments below.

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  • Tuza February 5, 2013, 11:25 am

    Yeah. Pat is a “Blogging Star”, but that’s all.
    Nothing to learn from him. Just a bunch of lies and and a whole bunch of naive followers.
    That’s how the world is. Lie to them and they will love you.

    • Mahavir February 6, 2013, 3:51 pm

      HI Tuza,

      I don’t think so, it might be that you are bit disappointed by his views but in totality he is a genuine blogger.

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