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How To Install RAM In Your Desktop Computer System

RAM or Random Access Memory is responsible for how fast your computer system can perform when you are running applications on your system at any one time. When you install more software or applications on your computer system, your system begins to slowdown. Therefore you can install more RAM in your computer system to increase its performance.

Installing RAM is quite an easy task but you have to know certain things so that you can install your RAM in a right way. The main problem is to know which type of memory your computer system uses. You can use one of the best software to know which type of memory your system uses and the software is CPUID.

CPUID will gather all information about your system like type of CPU, memory type and your mainboard. Download CPU id for windows

After being certain you have the right RAM, you are now ready to install the RAM in your computer system. Following are a step by step Procedures to install RAM in your desktop based computer system.

  • Make sure you have turnoff your system and unplug all peripherals.
  • Now remove the side panel of your desktop computer and place it in a safe place.
  • Before you touch anything inside your system unit be sure to remove electrical static charge from your body by touching any unpainted metal surface like your door knob.
  • Now locate the memory socket to install the new memory chips.
  • Pull the clip and slide the RAM chips in the respective memory banks. Now push the clips back over the memory chips.
  • Check that memory chips are well placed in the memory banks by moving it from side to side.
  • Reconnect all peripherals and cover your system panel and reboot your computer system. You have now successfully installed new RAM in your computer system.

Increasing RAM will certainly boost your computer performance and you will notice how fast your application opens.

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  • Vir October 26, 2012, 4:35 am

    Thanks for sharing this nice tutorial with us. Its really helpful.

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