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Improving Battery Life Of Android Phones

Android based Smartphones are known for sucking your device’s battery within a short time span. Sometimes it feels very irritating when you make an important call and your phone get switched off. Now to overcome these issues I am trying to show you some basic tips to improve the battery life of your Android device.


Switching to 2G Network Makes the Device Consume Lesser Battery

If you are using 3G on your phone and want to make an important call later on, you can switch to 2G mode that can surly save some battery power that you can use to make an important call later. Though it won’t save a lot of battery but yes it can be a real life saver if you stuck in a situation where you can’t find any device or power to charger you battery.

One important point to remember here is that if you are in an area with good 3G reception, you should use 3G since it consumes lesser power.

Disable GPS

I know you always disable GPS on your phone after using it but what many people forget is that they don’t disable the location reporting and history while they are using GPS. These two services are enabled by default as soon as you turn on your GPS. These two services are generally used to track user location and to serve them in a better way but they consume a lot of battery power to find and locate your location.

If you wish to turn these off then you need to go to Settings -> Location -> Google Location Reporting and disable these.

Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi When Not in Use

You should always keep your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when you don’t need them to save your battery power. You should not only disable the Wi-Fi but also turn off the Wi-Fi scanning option so that your device don’t scans nearby surrounding for available network.

Disable Sync Feature When You Don’t Need It

Sync is a great feature where your device constantly contacts Google’s servers for downloading emails, calendar records etc. in the background. This whole activity consumes a lot of battery power and you should disable it when it is not needed. You won’t lose any data because when you enable it everything will be synced again.

I know you have other great tips on improving the power of smartphones, please share them in the comments below.

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