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How to Use Flickr Images on your Website and Blog

If you have a blog or a website you always want some images or photos to make your website more appealing in eyes of your visitors and keeping your visitors attention intact while they browse your blog or website. But it is very important to know that obtaining and using images on your website or blog isn’t that easy because maximum of images are copyrighted. So it’s very important to understand that what you can and cannot do.

Using Images found on Flickr

Here I will try to explain how you can use Flickr images on your own website or blog. Flickr is a great resource for finding different images and photos that you can use freely on your website. But you have to understand that many images on Flickr come with certain restrictions.

How You Can Use Flickr Images

Using images from Flickr on your website or blog is not a very difficult task but before using them you should check out the license type for a particular image which you will be using on your website.

Flickr images comes under two main licenses:

  • Copyrighted
  • Creative Common License

Copyrighted License

If you find a “C” symbol with a circle around it, then the image is copyrighted and you cannot use it. This particular information is normally located underneath the “License” in the sidebar. If you really like an image which you found that you want to use and is copyrighted, you can directly contact the photographer using Flickr mail.

Creative Commons License

A creative commons license provides us a way where we can use other’s people stuff on our website but with some rules in place. On Flickr, the images have different forms of licenses that have different rules for how you can use them.

The Attribution License allows you to copy, distribute, tweak, remix and publish even commercially as long as you give credit to it.

There are over 25 million images which come under this license so you have a good choice to search within this particular license if you want some images for your blog or website.

In order to use images for this particular license you have to put a link back to the original web page on Flickr where the images come from.

The Attribution-NoDervs License is more or less same as the last one, except that you cannot alter, change or tweak the original image i.e. you don’t have permission to change or modify the image according to your needs and when you publish the image on your blog or website it should be in its original form.

Images under this license can be used commercially and you must give the credit to the original creator by putting a link back on your blog or website.

As the name suggest Attribution-Noncommercial License you can use the images and even remix, tweak, modify but only for non-commercial purposes. If you are making money from your website you cannot use this license and you should opt for a commercial license.

The Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs is most restrictive license i.e. it allows you to use the images on your blog or website provided images are in their original form and you should use them only for non commercial purpose.

In short you cannot tweak, modify or mix images and along with that you cannot use them commercially.

The Attribution-ShareAlike License let’s you to remix, tweak and modify even for commercial purposes but after you create those new images, they will be under the same license and someone else can freely use your images provided they use it in the same way as you did.

In short every new image must have the similar license as the original one.

The Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike is same as above, except you cannot use the images commercially.

Hope you understood the concept of using images from Flickr. Flickr is a great resource for obtaining images for your blog or website provided you carefully read the license before using any image.

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  • aromal January 25, 2013, 7:40 am

    Thank you for sharing such a valuable information. Your explanation is enough to make us aware about different copyright licenses.

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      Thanks for your appreciation.

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    Thanks a lot for this valuable information. I almost made a mistake before i stumbles on your post. Its very helpful

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    Feels good that you find the information helpful.

  • Royce May 19, 2013, 2:01 pm

    Thanks for the info and putting it in simple terms, instead of the legal jargon other sites regurgitate.

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    Thanks very helpful information.

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