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How To Get Rid Of Panda Update

All of you might have been hearing a buzz going on with the latest Google updates namely Panda. To give you some overview of what this update is all about let’s discuss in detail.

Google Panda Update

Panda update is all about quality of website in terms of content. It is about all the web pages which have thin content and which have of no use to visitors or readers. Websites which republish content with sneaky links and poor content are hit hard by Panda update. I believe you have also submitted your articles to dozen of these article websites which offered no real value to readers or visitors.

Panda is site wide penalty where you just can’t escape by just saying that your site has only two or three pages which have low quality content. Here your entire site can be penalized irrespective of the low or high numbers of thin pages.

Over optimization is another factor for which your website can be penalized by Panda. So try not to repeat keywords or key-phrases in your content and meta tags.

Google Panda Updates and Release Dates

How To Recover From Google Panda Update

  • Make sure you have well written and original content before you post it to your blog or website. Always remember not to copy content from other websites.
  • Evaluate your pages one by one and check for the pages which might have been hit by Panda Update. Analyze each aspect like content, keywords, meta tags, alt tags where you might have over optimized your page.
  • The next step is to look for your anchor text which points back to your website. You might have used same anchor text in your directory submissions and other link exchange campaigns. Always use some variations while creating your anchor text.
  • Always have unique url structure and implement 301 redirection to the old ones.
  • An important point for bloggers, please don’t accept guest posting which is not relevant to your blog. Merely increasing your blog posts will not yield you any good results. Only accept quality and relevant guest posts for your blog.
  • Engage yourself in social media especially in Google +, Facebook and Twitter. You might get credit if you have good social presence.
  • Another important point for bloggers, please don’t mess up your site by using excessive advertisements like adsense. Make sure you have more content and less advertisement.
  • Try to get rid of poor backlinks by emailing webmasters of other websites. You can check Google webmasters tools for any irrelevant linking.

Remember these points and I am sure you will certainly recover your website from Panda Update. Google is just trying to provide quality content to its users and this is what you have to provide your readers or visitors.

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