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How To Earn Big Money From Your Blog

There are plenty of bloggers out there and many new blog emerges on daily basis. I thoroughly analyzed many of them and one thing that I came to know is that all these blogs have a common goal i.e. “to earn money online”. My blog also is not an exception to that; I am here to make it big someday.

But there are many exceptions where value comes in first place and money comes second. There are lots of bloggers who are persistently giving value to their visitors through their blog by writing stuff that can help them in solving their problems.

Here in this post I want to inspire fellow bloggers and myself to change a bit. This change is about creating valuable content that will help them to build better business model for their blogs.

Great Money Comes By Solving Great Problems

People come to your blog to get some solutions to their problems and if they can’t find them they will hardly come again. Now the point is “how you will solve their problems” ? I think the answers lies in your blog itself. You have to ask a question to yourself that why you have created this blog ? Analyze and judge every parameters of your blog and brainstorm how you can solve your visitors problem.

You might have a blog that is all about technology and gadgets, here you can find out some common problems faced by people including you. Write down all the problems and start writing some great solutions. People will be happy to see solutions to their problems and they will certainly come back again to your blog to get some more solutions.

So next time if you are writing some post for your blog just keeps in mind all the solutions you can provide to your visitors.

Great Money Comes By Providing Great Value

Can you write content that can go viral within a few days? If yes than you are providing a great amount of value to your visitors. We all as bloggers should put together great amount of value in every piece of content that we publish online. Just look into your blog and analyze your most important posts and see were they shared by people? What kind of comments did you get on these posts? Check Google Analytics and see which post is viewed more.

By analyzing all these things you will be in a state to start a good strategy for building valuable content for your blog. Writing content for just sake of writing will not hold any good for you. Provide valuable content that can attract visitors.

Great Money Comes By Loving What You Do

If you are not happy with the work you are doing then I am afraid no one else will either give a damn to your work. You will only able to give value to you visitors when you really love writing your content. Sometime it happens that we start losing interest in our work but that shouldn’t stop us from reaching our goal.

Figure out what kind of content you can write easily which can inspire other people. Read other bloggers post that will help you to write something for your blog. Write a post where you can show your writing skills in a different way. Just keep on writing and you will automatically start loving your work.

Great Money Comes By Making Great Friends

You have written a great post but you aren’t getting any links or comments to it, what will you do now?

Writing a good post is half the battle won, the other part is to connect with as many friends as possible. In order to make friends with some popular bloggers you need to get them a link to your post so that they can know about your blog. Other method is to write guest post that will give you a link along with comments.

You can add lots of good comments on other blogs so that visitors can read your blog. One of the best methods is to write about your favorite blogger i.e. contribute a whole post for him and he will certainly link to you which will help you in the future as well.

Great Money Comes By Great Experiment

If you aren’t experimenting with your posts then you will not see any different results. Experimenting with your blog posts will expose you to many new ideas which helps you in bringing quality traffic. Come out from your comfort zone and try something new, write something which you haven’t tried yet. You will simply love it.


Making money online is not an easy task but it is not impossible. Don’t get disheartened by initial failures, sooner or later you will get the attention you deserve. I am also trying my best, to be honest I haven’t got the success I wanted but I believe that if I keep on writing quality content for my visitors one day I will make it big.

So keep on writing until you make it big.

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  • Michael Gbenga May 21, 2014, 9:20 am

    Though, i started my tech blog few months ago but sometime i get depressed because i feel no one is visiting the blog…Thanks for the inpirational article.

    • Mahavir May 21, 2014, 5:11 pm

      Have patience my friend and work honestly. Blogging is not a magic where you will get instant traffic. Just keep posting nice articles related to your niche.

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