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Google Adsense Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm Update

Content is king and Google want that you put the king on top of your website and drag the ads beneath. Right, Google has announced that it will penalize sites with pages that are loaded heavy with ads and mainly above the fold. The main reason for this algorithm update is mainly based on user experience while browsing such sites which have heavy ads above the fold and they find it difficult to see the actual content.

Now the main question is how can you decide how much ads are sufficient? Google won’t tell you that but you can use Google Browser Size Tool to understand how much content can be visible at first glance.

This update is really opposite to what we have seen in the Google Adsense heatmap overview. But if you really care about your visitors then certainly this is the best move from Google.

How To Fix Your Google Adsense Ads

If you previously placed two or more ad units above the fold then you should move them below the content and make sure that content should be visible in first glance. In other terms the ratio of your ads should be low in relation with the content. Now that you have made the necessary changes don’t expect the results immediately as Google will re-crawl your website to access the changes.

Its all about content and now those days are gone when webmasters simply filled their websites with ads. So it’s a suggestion that make necessary changes as soon as possible before this penalty can hit you.

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