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Do I Really Need An SEO Consultant?

Imagine waking up one morning and realizing 80% of your websites traffic had vanished overnight…for good!

This exact phenomenon has happened to thousands of business owners during each of the last two software updates by Google.

Lots of people implement the latest SEO tactics to create shortcuts to rank highly for popular search terms. However, if the correct foundation isn’t in place to protect your site against further updates, you could end up with a massive loss of traffic and profit.


The Texas SEO Team, a Dallas-based SEO company, doesn’t work to cheat the system for quick gains. Instead, by focusing on a broader, more reliable SEO infrastructure, they ensure long-term success for clients.

SEO can produce some of the highest ROI for your marketing dollars spent if you find the right team with years of experience and a reliable track record.

What to look for when choosing your SEO consultant:

  • Longevity – SEO consultants should have years of experience under their belt. They should have dealt with prior Google updates like Penguin and Panda and be able to tell you how they successfully maneuvered their clients through these changes.
  • Referrals – The major SEO teams that have had success will have testimonials on their website from satisfied clients and will be willing to let you speak with them
  • Measureable Success – You should be asking what kinds of impact, whether on traffic or sales, the SEO consultant was able to deliver to prior clients. SEO is a very measureable metric and the best companies out there will be happy to share the prior successes with you so that you know what is realistic.
  • Continued Education – Make sure the SEO team you work with is constantly keeping up with industry updates. This is one area of technology that changes rapidly and you want the team your working with to have a system in place for keeping up with all the new advancements.

SEO can seem like a confusing beast that’s impossible to unwind but the benefits of ranking highly for relevant search terms in your market is exponential. Search engines continue to be the primary driver of traffic for the majority of the web and will continue to dominate marketing budgets for successful companies.

Taking the time to research and choose the right SEO team can mean the difference between doubling or tripling your sales this year or missing out on opportunities your competitors were able to capitalize on.

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  • Jacob Koshy November 7, 2014, 6:09 am

    I was actually looking for a good SEO company when i stumbled upon this post, thanks for the valuable info!

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