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Best Online Web Directory Submission Tips And Guide

Online web directories are the best medium to generate backlinks for your website and it’s quite an easy task to execute. There are thousands of free online directories available but you have to be very careful when submitting your website to these directories. Always pick up the directory which holds some authority or have a decent page rank. A mass submission is not recommended as many webmasters thinks that merely submitting websites into directories will automatically boost their website’s ranking.

Planning Your Directory Submission

Before submitting to online directories or search engines prepare your submission material carefully. Prepare your content in a good and logical manner in a separate text file. Each directory has their own submission guidelines so prepare your content accordingly. Be sure to spell check all your content which you will submit. A typical directory has the following fields which need to be filled in order to complete the submission process.

  • Page Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • URL
  • Category and Subcategory
  • Contact Information

Page title is one of the most important element so be very sure to choose the most relevant title. Don’t put several keyphrases in your title instead restrict to only one most important keyphrase for which you want your website to rank. You have to prepare different page titles for individual pages of your website.

Description should be of the right length for each directories and it is a good idea to write description of different length because different directories allow different description sizes. Always use keywords in your description and make sure your description flows naturally.

Keywords should be relevant for the individual page submission and use only four to five keywords. Pick up the best combination of keywords which are relevant to the page content.

For each submission you have to provide different URL.

Choose your category which is relevant to your website because if you submit your website in different category the editor of directory might disapprove your submission.

It generally takes a longer time to be indexed in a directory because most of the directories are reviewed manually before adding it to database. So be sure to add only relevant information about your website and it is only the editors who decide if your page have a worth before they include it.

Always make a habit of making a database of your directory submission in excel so that you can know where you have submitted your directories. Be very sure to verify your directory submission by going through your email where you have received a verification link because most of the directories send a verification link in your email.

Best Tool For Filling Directory Submission

I have personally used Roboform tool which is the best form filling tool available. You can set your title, description, keywords, email and other information by making an identity. You can make different identities for different urls. It will save a lot of time as you don’t have to enter your information in each directory manually. Roboform will create a toolbar on your browser and you can set your identities right on this toolbar.

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