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Archie the First Search Engine

You might come to this page via some search engine searching similar content as written in this post. Nothing is beyond our reach in the web because Search Engines are there to help us finding the exact information we are looking for.

Let us explore some of the interesting facts about search engines and how they came into existence.

Way back in the 90s there was no such thing like World Wide Web or www. Today even a child knows about the web in a better sense. But still Internet was there and there were many files on the network which were available for the people. At that time the main way of receiving files was by using File Transfer Protocol and that was the only medium through which people exchange files over the internet. In order to carry out this task FTP servers were used which a computer user setup on his or her computer. An FTP client was used to connect to this FTP server by a user who wants to receive the file. Anyone who wanted to share a file had first setup an FTP server to make the file available. This was the way most of the file sharing was done.

A need for a system where everyone can search and find his related information was there. An initiative was taken by a man called Alan Emtage who created the first ever search engine called Archie in 1990. Archie collects information by crawling the internet and then matched the files it found with search queries and returned results from its database.

Archie laid a foundation which lead to the development of many search engines like Veronica, Wanderer, ALIWEB, WebCrawler, AltaVista, Hotbot, Ask Jeeves, Teoma and finally Google.

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